TLDR: A thank you gift for early collectors, lower minted price floor, traits and rarity, OpenSea improvements, and a comprehensive art guide.

A special thank you gift for early collectors

As CryptoArte approaches almost 1,000 paintings sold, I couldn’t be more grateful. I am deeply humbled by all of the amazing support, purchases, kind words, and encouragement that I’ve received not just since the inception of the project, but especially over the past few weeks.

Without this support, CryptoArte would…

by Z Naddaf and Sebastián Brocher

TLDR: Over the years, we’ve shared lots of information about CryptoArte paintings. This compendium puts it all together in one place — as well as revealing some never before shared features!

What makes CryptoArte paintings special?

CryptoArte is a generative art collection that blends the Ethereum network through a deterministic transformation to create a multi-faceted… Painting #8118

If you’re working on a Ethereum NFT (ERC721) project, you may have noticed the standard describes mechanisms for transferring tokens through functions such as safeTransferFrom() and, while some of the functions are payable, the standard leaves out any details on how to implement the mechanism to actually sell tokens in…

CryptoArte Painting #2488

Hola. It’s time to share another update as CryptoArte continues to inch closer to its official launch (here’s Update #1). We’re almost there!

Let’s start with some quick stats. Pre-Launch to date:

  • Paintings Sold: 33
  • Paintings Transferred / reserved: 52
  • Paintings Minted: 186
  • Paintings for Sale: 9,810
  • Total provably unique…

CryptoArte — Painting #2985

An Ethereum art collection & non-fungible token

TLDR: The CryptoArte collection projects the Ethereum blockchain history into 9,895 colorful, unique, meaningful paintings. You can purchase pre-launch paintings from our OpenSea storefront, browse the collection at the website, and check out the smart contract on etherscan.

Following my previous Medium posts on Ethereum development, I’m extremely excited…

Sebastián Brocher

Tech Entrepreneur & Engineer. Founder @cryptoarte ( ,@reportamigo ( and @chimiapp (

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