TLDR: A thank you gift for early collectors, lower minted price floor, traits and rarity, OpenSea improvements, and a comprehensive art guide.

A special thank you gift for early collectors

by Z Naddaf and Sebastián Brocher

What makes CryptoArte paintings special?

Blocks, Structure, and Resolution

Block Park #19

Miner #3160 (an extremely rare one) Painting #8118

Selling non-fungible tokens and the ERC721 standard

Non-fungible token marketplaces

  • you…

CryptoArte Painting #2488

Quick Stats

  • Paintings Sold: 33
  • Paintings Transferred / reserved: 52
  • Paintings Minted: 186
  • Paintings for Sale: 9,810
  • Total provably unique paintings: 9,895

We now accept Credit Card payments (and you still get the tokens)

Quick Stats

The CrytpoArte Store

CryptoArte — Painting #2985

An Ethereum art collection & non-fungible token

Ethereum Art

Inspiration and credits

The code

Sebastián Brocher

Tech Entrepreneur & Engineer. Founder @cryptoarte ( ,@reportamigo ( and @chimiapp (

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